pyiron Logo

pyiron styleguide

pyiron styleguide


pyiron’s standard logo (logo.svg) should be used in any presentations/ visual media referencing pyiron. For dark backgrounds, we have also included a negative version of the logo (logo_negative.svg).

Where they are used, these logos should not be covered up and should be large enough that the pyiron text is clearly readable. The logos should also not be distorted from their original 1:1 aspect ratios. If you need a different size logo for any reason, please contact our development team.

The pyiron icon is intended primarily for internal use; it should only be used in contexts where the name pyiron is already clearly visible- e.g. it is used as the favicon for our website.


The stylized py/iron name uses the Futura font. Otherwise there are no restrictions on font used around the pyiron logo.


The pyiron color palette is as follows:

  • primary: #313151 space cadet (dark purple)
  • secondary/accent: #37B8FF capri (blue)